24-Hour Home Care Bellmore NY - 10 Things Seniors Need After A Hospital Stay

10 Things Seniors Need After A Hospital Stay

When seniors come home after a hospital stay due to an illness or injury they need some extra care to continue their recovery. Even though seniors typically recover faster when they can recover at home they will need extra help around the house until they’re back on their feet. 24-hour home care services are strongly recommended for seniors returning home after a hospital stay.

With 24-hour home care seniors will always have someone in the house who can get emergency help if necessary. Seniors will also have someone with them around the clock to help them get a snack, take their medication, go to the bathroom, and do other necessary tasks.

10 other things that seniors need at home after a hospital stay are:

  1. Medical Supplies
    Depending on their condition, seniors may require medical supplies such as wound dressings, catheters, mobility aids (e.g., canes, walkers, or wheelchairs), or home oxygen equipment. Ensure that these supplies are readily available and properly maintained.
  2. Medication Management
    Seniors may be discharged with new medications or changes to their existing prescriptions. 24-hour home care can make sure that seniors are taking their medications properly around the clock.
  3. Assistive Devices
    Installing grab bars in the bathroom and stair railings can help prevent falls and provide stability. Consider other assistive devices like shower chairs, raised toilet seats, or adaptive utensils to assist with daily activities.
  4. Home Modifications
    Assess the home for any necessary modifications to improve accessibility and safety. This might include adding ramps, widening doorways, or installing handrails to accommodate mobility aids or wheelchairs.
  5. Caregiver Support
    Seniors may need assistance with daily tasks, including bathing, dressing, cooking, and cleaning. Family caregivers or professional caregivers can provide essential support to help seniors maintain their independence at home. If family caregivers can’t be with their senior parent because of work or other obligations a 24-hour home care provider can be there to assist.
  6. Healthy Meals
    Seniors may have dietary restrictions or specific nutritional needs following a hospital stay. Someone will need to shop for healthy and tempting foods as well as cook and serve meals. A home care provider can make sure that your senior parent is eating regularly and has access to healthy foods and snacks.
  7. Emergency Response System
    Consider installing a medical alert system or wearable device that allows seniors to call for help in case of an emergency or fall. These systems provide peace of mind to both seniors and their caregivers. Since seniors have an increased risk of a fall after being in the hospital having some kind of emergency alert is a good idea.
  8. Transportation
    Seniors may need reliable transportation for follow-up doctor’s appointments or trips to the pharmacy. Arrange for transportation services or support seniors in accessing public transportation options.
  9. Emotional Support
    The transition from the hospital to home can be emotionally challenging for seniors. Ensure that they have access to emotional support, whether through family and friends, support groups, or mental health professionals.
  10. Physical Therapy
    Physical therapy at home is a great way to make sure that seniors regain their mobility after a hospital stay. With physical therapy at home, seniors can start safely moving around and building up muscle strength.

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