The Benefits to Caregivers That Families Can’t Overlook 

Caregivers help with things you expect and several other things that often surprise families. Have you weighed all of the ways caregivers can help your mom and dad?

Household Safety Checks 

When caregivers stop by daily or a few times a week, there’s someone stopping by to make sure your parents are safe. If the heating system stopped working, a caregiver could help your parents get an HVAC specialist to the house to repair it. If the power goes out, caregivers are there to make sure your parent is warm enough in the winter and not overheating on a hot summer’s day.

Gain a Partner for Aging at Home
Caregiver Islip NY - The Benefits to Caregivers That Families Can't Overlook 

Caregiver Islip NY – The Benefits to Caregivers That Families Can’t Overlook

You live too far away to see your parents more than once or twice a year. You know they need help, but you’re an only child. Caregivers are important partners in senior care. They’re there to help your parents, but they’ll keep you updated. If something changes, you get the call alerting you to the changes and what you should do next.

Breaks for Health Issues, Planned Trips, or Unexpected Situations 

Respite care is one of the most important services caregivers offer. You slip in an icy parking lot and fracture a leg. You can’t drive to your parents’ house every day to help them. With respite care, you stay home and heal while caregivers help out at your parents’ house.

Use respite care to take vacations. You can take time to get better after contracting strep throat from your child. You can have a mental health break and take a day for self-care.

Remain Independent Through Changes to Mobility and Health 

Your parents may want to age at home, but situations may arise that make that tough. Caregivers take the difficulty out of the situation and make sure your parents remain independent as long as possible. Your mom’s balance is off and she fears she may fall on steep basement steps. A caregiver could take over the laundry and carry the basket to the basement laundry room.

It could be their transportation services that help out. Your dad can’t drive after breaking his leg. He still needs a way to get to the grocery store and his orthopedic surgeon’s office for follow-up care. Caregivers can drive him.

Your mom has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t remember to take her daily medications. She’s skipping doses some days and taking too much on others. Caregivers help her remember to take them and keep her from overdosing.

Make arrangements by calling our agency. Answer some questions about your parents’ strengths and weaknesses. Find out more about pricing. Once you’ve settled on the services they need and the right schedule, caregivers start going to your parents’ house on the appropriate days. 

If you or an aging family member are considering professional Caregiver Services in Islip NY, please call the caring staff at A Gentle Touch Senior Home and Health Care at 631-647-7622 today.