Companion Care at Home Bellmore NY - Can Companion Care at Home Help With Summer Safety?

Can Companion Care at Home Help With Summer Safety?

So many issues can arise in the summer. Your mom loves to spend time outside in her gardens, but she’s bad at remembering to drink water. She may forget or not want to apply sunscreen as she doesn’t like the oily, sticky feeling. Her safety is your priority. When you don’t live nearby, companion care at home services are a good way to balance her wish to remain at home with your need to know she’s safe.


Your mom likes to go outside, but her mobility is changing. She’s supposed to use a cane for support, but she doesn’t rely on it as much as she should. A caregiver can become her support instead.

She’s fallen in the yard while trying to navigate a slope or walking on uneven terrain. With a caregiver by her side, your mom has a person to support her when she’s finding it difficult to keep her balance.

With a caregiver by her side, your mom has someone to steady her as she walks up and down the stairs. She has a caregiver to hold onto while she walks around the yard. She has company to join her on walks.


Your mom often goes outside and loses track of time. You want her activities supervised to make sure she’s not in the heat for longer than she should be.

An hour or two is okay, but your mom’s neighbor told you she went out for a walk and got too tired to walk back home. She needed a ride. You don’t want that to happen again.

Companion care at home services include having caregivers around to make sure your mom isn’t outside too long. Her caregiver will walk with her and lead her back home before she’s tired and can’t get home without taking a long break.

Companion Care at Home Aides Can Provide Reminders

A caregiver can offer your mom gentle reminders for things she needs to do to stay safe in the sun. This includes reminders like putting on sunscreen or bringing out a bottle of water to drink while she weeds her flower beds or planters.

Her caregiver can help her apply sunscreen before she leaves the home. If your mom hates the feeling of a sticky, oily sunscreen, her caregiver can help her shop for mineral sunscreens that are dry and don’t leave a film.

If your mom has been working in her garden for an hour and hasn’t stopped to have a drink of water, her caregiver will remind her. If needed, her caregiver will bring her inside to take a break. With companion care at home, your mom has the reminders you’d want her to have to ensure she focuses on safety.

Make sure your mom has the support of caregivers this summer. Call our home care agency and ask to talk to a specialist in companion care at home services. You’ll go over possible services and the best frequency for caregiver visits.

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