How Seniors Can Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

How Seniors Can Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

Summer is coming, and so are the warm temperatures. Many seniors that are aging in place in family homes don’t have air conditioning in their homes because they didn’t need it in the past. However, climate change and other factors that have led to increasingly warm temperatures during the summer make it very dangerous for seniors not to have air conditioning in the summer. If your senior parent doesn’t have air conditioning they should have companion care at home providers with them in case they experience heat stroke or related heat illnesses. They can assist in keeping your senior cool.

Your senior parent should also use these tips to stay cool without air conditioning:

Eat Cool Foods

Seniors that don’t have air conditioning should have a fridge and freezer full of delicious cold foods that seniors can eat for meals and snacks. Pre-cut veggie trays with delicious dip are a fantastic cool snack. Yogurt is another great cool snack. Smoothies, cottage cheese, and chilled cut-up fruit are all healthy snacks that seniors can enjoy when they get too warm. Ice cream is an option, but shouldn’t be eaten a lot because it’s not very healthy. Seniors should mainly eat fresh fruits and cold veggies when they’re trying to stay cool.

Dress Lightly

Seniors that are trying to stay cool should dress appropriately for the weather but remember that the sun can cause a lot of skin damage. Light layers of clothes made from natural fibers like cotton and linen are the best clothes for seniors to wear during the warm weather months. Fabrics that breathe and allow for maximum air circulation are ideal for hot weather. And seniors can also wear summer workout clothing that is designed to wick moisture from sweat away from the skin. Having dry cool skin will help seniors stay comfortable without air conditioning.

Keep The Curtains Closed

During the hottest parts of the day, all the blinds and curtains need to be closed. Seniors may hate not being able to get natural daylight but keeping the blinds and curtains closed can drop the temperature in a room by several degrees. It’s worth it to keep the blinds and curtains closed during the hottest part of the day which is typically from late morning to early afternoon. Seniors can keep the curtains closed all the time, but that makes many seniors uncomfortable. Just closing them during the hottest parts of the day is usually enough to make the house cooler.

Companion Care at Home Aides can Cook Outdoors

Companion care at home can help seniors cook their meals outside on the grill to avoid heating up the home. Barbecue, hamburgers, and chicken on the grill are all delicious. So are grilled vegetables like charred seasoned corn on the cob. Seniors and their companion care at home providers can make kebobs and other fun summertime foods to make grilling out even more special. And seniors can still enjoy delicious summer foods without heating up the entire house cooking that food if they grill outside. Just make sure that the grill is in good shape and safe to use.

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