Companion Care at Home- Preparing for Spring

Preparing for Spring

Winter will quickly end and with it comes the new beautiful season of spring. Unfortunately, this is when everything starts to wake up and come back alive which can negatively impact your senior loved one. You should be helping your senior mom or dad manage allergies and keeping their home clean. But, how can you prepare for something like spring? Having companion care at home providers could help to tackle this issue.

Here are some tips you or companion care at home can help your loved one with.

Clean The Home

As seniors age, it becomes harder to get certain things done. Everyday things become a huge challenge and this includes cleaning the house. If they age in place you must help your parents keep their home clean. If they don’t like relying on their adult children you may need to consider hiring companion care at home to help them. These are professionals who can help ensure paths stay clear, dust is limited, laundry is done, and quick cleans. However, before spring starts you may need to help your loved one with a deep clean to minimize dust and any allergens that have accumulated inside over the winter. You may also want to encourage them to keep windows closed during certain hours when allergens are higher, throughout the day.

Buy the Right Allergy Medicine

Before spring starts, ensure your loved one has all of the medicine they need. They may not usually need allergy pills but during spring, they may suffer from hay fever or allergies. Keep in mind that a doctor should be aware of everything your senior is taking whether it is over the counter or not. A doctor should be informed of whatever your loved one is taking and they may even recommend specific allergy medicines or prescribe stronger versions of OTC medications. Stock up on the right medicine in case your loved one needs one to stop an allergy attack. The worst thing that can happen is an attack happens and there is no way to get them comfortable.

Encourage Them to Buy New Air Filters

Chances are your loved one’s house has been closed up to keep the warm air from escaping, but this also means all the dust and dirt is still trapped in the house. Your senior loved one probably has an HVAC system or air filters that help keep the dust and dander down in the home. Unfortunately, these need to be cleaned to keep the air clean. It’s best to do this before spring starts because as you open the windows more, outside allergens will float in, and become trapped in the air filters too.

Help Them Go Out at the Right Times

Your senior loved one should be moving around as much as possible and getting out in the sunshine whenever they can. However, they need to be aware of when to go out during the spring. Before the season changes help them get in the habit of walking in the mornings or evenings. These are times that typically have fewer allergens in the air. Companion care at home may also be able to help them check air quality and get dressed for the weather.

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