Companion Care at Home Massapequa NY - Seniors Should Be Lifting Light Weights

Seniors Should Be Lifting Light Weights

When you look at exercises, one of the main things that pop up on the web is stretching but also weight lifting. Stretching is crucial to stay limber and maintain balance. As someone ages, learning to balance again is crucial to minimize falls. On top of stretching, a senior should add in weight lifting or resistance training. Companion care at home assistants can help take seniors to gym classes or community classes that help them find the right weight exercises to do. Sometimes seniors may prefer working out at home versus out of the house. A space can be set up where they can lift small dumbbells for a few minutes every day. Just 15 minutes of resistance training can have a huge impact on a senior’s body.

Companion Care at Home Massapequa NY - Seniors Should Be Lifting Light Weights
Companion Care at Home Massapequa NY – Seniors Should Be Lifting Light Weights

Aging comes with concerns about muscle mass, mobility, and balance. Weights and stretching can help all of these areas. Aging affects your body but a full-body workout just 15-20 minutes a day can have a massive impact that all seniors should strive for. One of the worst things a senior can do is stop moving their body.

Everyone ages and with that comes limited motions and other problems that may make it harder to workout. Some seniors may have arthritis, chronic pain, changes in connective tissue, and joint pain. A lot of seniors stop moving as much because of these problems connected to aging but they need to keep moving to minimize the impact of all of these problems.

Why is Strength Training so Important?

There are tons of benefits of older adults working on strength with small weights or resistance training. One of the best things about strength training is that it can be done with very light weights until a senior is strong enough to move up. Now, this doesn’t mean they should be lifting 300 lb. weights, but small weights can also help build or maintain muscle mass. Working to a higher weight slowly is crucial; seniors cannot start out with heavy weights when they first start. Here are some benefits of weight lifting for seniors.

  • Helps bone density
  • Increases muscle mass
  • Improves body composition
  • Helps with balance

On top of all of these benefits, regularly lifting weights, even at home, can help a senior create a healthy routine. This is something companion care at home can help a senior stick with. Having a routine is super important for many people; it helps give them a sense of purpose and knowing what to expect every day.

Goals For Seniors Lifting Weights

Having goals as a senior will be crucial for working out. Randomly working out is great but having a routine and goals for each session can help a senior stick with this new habit. Some seniors may have never worked out before, so here are some goals they can work towards.

  • Workout three times a week to start with.
  • Each session should be around 20 minutes long.
  • Aim for consistency.

All of these goals can help a senior with their workout routines, and they aren’t hard goals to stick with. As they workout more they can work on other goals they think are necessary.

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