Elder Care Lindenhurst NY - Cool Places For Seniors To Visit When The Temperatures Rise

Cool Places For Seniors To Visit When The Temperatures Rise

Summer temperatures are soaring, and that can leave seniors sweating through hot days. But seniors shouldn’t let the searing summer heat keep them indoors. Seniors need to get out and socialize. And there are plenty of cool places where seniors can go with an elder care provider or with friends when they want to get out of the house.

Some fun and air-conditioned places where seniors and their friends or elder care provider can spend time during the dog days of summer are:


Seniors often get discounted ticket prices at local museums. And many communities have wonderful science, art, and natural history museums. Seniors and their friends or companions can spend the day in a cool museum looking at interesting things. It can be a lot of fun to pretend to be a tourist in your own city and discover new museums and art galleries.

The Mall

Seniors don’t have to enjoy shopping to enjoy the mall. Seniors can lace up their sneakers and walk around the mall to get some exercise in a safe and cool environment. Or window shop and check out all the new and interesting stores that have opened recently. And after shopping seniors can stop by the food court for a cool drink and a snack. Spending the day at the mall is always a lot of fun.

Movie Theaters

Movie theaters are another great place to spend a hot afternoon. Movie theaters these days have exceptionally comfortable chairs, great snacks, and a wide selection of movies. Look for a local theater that is having a discount day to save some money. Or, try the local art house theater. Often they will play classic movies and musicals during the day which are always a lot of fun for seniors to watch.

The Library

Seniors always love a trip to the library. Spending a hot afternoon at the library gives seniors a chance to browse through new releases, and pick up some new books, CDs, or DVDs. In some libraries, seniors can join a book club discussion, play games, or use a computer. Libraries are social and community hubs in many communities so seniors will be able to find lots of ways to socialize at the library. Some libraries even have coffee shops where seniors and their friends can get delicious cool iced drinks without having to leave the library.

Coffee Shops

If the local library doesn’t have a coffee shop that’s ok, there are plenty of other coffee shops around. Seniors can enjoy some great conversation and enjoy watching people in the cool atmosphere of a coffee shop. Iced coffee, fruit waters, and other delicious drinks are always available so that seniors can stay hydrated. And coffee shops usually have some pretty amazing snack options too like freshly made bakery items and sandwiches. Spending a few hours at a coffee shop reading, talking, or watching people is a great way for seniors to socialize and stay cool.

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