Companion Care at Home Lindenhurst NY - Easy Summer Dishes for Seniors

Easy Summer Dishes for Seniors

Sometimes during the summer, it can be hard for people to eat. Why? The heat will destroy the appetite of many people and this includes seniors. Unfortunately, as a senior gets older they still need to eat to fuel their body and they may have a lot working against them when it comes to food. Your loved one may not be eating as much and then adding the heat of the summer into the mix can destroy their appetite completely which is unsafe and unhealthy. While they age in place they need to focus on a nutritious diet that will help them thrive, if they need help cooking this is something that companion care at home providers can help them with.

Companion care at home specialists can help prepare meals at the beginning of the week for a senior to enjoy throughout the week and certain summer dishes can help your senior loved one cool down, stay full, and feel energized to take on the day.

Here are some easy summer dishes your loved one may enjoy.

Healthy Pasta Salad

Most people won’t consider pasta salad healthy, but the truth is this is the best way to get a senior to eat more vegetables and even throw in extra protein from garbanzo beans and cold chicken! If you are worried about carbs, personal care at home can substitute white noodles for whole wheat noodles, which tend to be healthier. You can add almost any vegetable you want in pasta salad which makes it a good choice for people who want to use up anything in the fridge.

Here is an easy recipe you or a companion care at home aide can use to make this dish for the summer.

Cut Vegetables and Hummus

Some seniors will not want to eat very much but they will still need to ensure they are getting vitamins and minerals as well as protein to fuel their bodies. Companion care at home can cut up a bunch of raw and fresh vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, or other things to eat throughout the week. This can be a giant tray a senior can snack on when they get hungry and requires no recipe as most seniors can pick up a variety of hummus at the store.

Here are some reasons to choose vegetables.

Carrots- This vegetable is good for skin health, the immune system, eyesight, and heart health.
Cucumbers- These are filled with water making them good for hydration, they also have tons of fiber and antioxidants.
Broccoli- This is another vegetable filled with antioxidants that could help lower a senior’s body’s inflammation, and it is filled with vitamins that will fuel a senior’s body.

Keep in mind that these vegetables will also be as delicious as a pasta salad and will have the same health benefits.

Cold Gazpacho Soup

This is a summer soup that is made of raw blended vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, garlic, and onion. This is a dish that can be made in a big batch at the beginning of the week and is easy for most seniors to consume especially if it is blended well. Tomatoes are really good for heart health and bell peppers are filled with vitamins A and C which are good for a senior too. Here is an easy recipe you can follow.

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