Five Reasons to Help Boost Your Dad’s Technology Skills

Younger adults and children have grown up with computers as part of their daily life. Your dad’s different. Computers were newer as he entered his adult years, and he’s had limited experience with them. Here are five reasons to boost his technology skills.

Elder Care Babylon NY - Five Reasons to Help Boost Your Dad's Technology Skills

Elder Care Babylon NY – Five Reasons to Help Boost Your Dad’s Technology Skills

Reduce Frustration

Using technology can be frustrating when you’re not used to it. If your dad becomes experienced using computers, tablets, smartphones, and other forms of technology, he won’t be frustrated. He’ll feel comfortable trying new programs or exploring new options.

Expand Horizons

When you use computers, phones, and tablets regularly, you start to broaden your horizons. Your dad can use chat systems like Google Hangouts or Messenger to talk to friends and family members who live hours away. He can join book clubs to have people to talk to about the books he loves to read.

He can play online trivia games to learn new facts. Have him join competitions on games like Jeopardy and see how well he does against others.

Gains Confidence

Your dad gains confidence the more he uses today’s technology. Instead of worrying about how well he is doing using the phone or tablet, he starts to build skills. As time goes on, he will feel more secure using a payment terminal in a store, making secure online purchases, and using websites.

Protection Against Scams and Fraud

If your dad isn’t tech-savvy, he’s more likely to fall for a scam or fraudulent email or text. By teaching him how to safely use a computer and update his virus/malware protection suite, it helps protect him.

Teach him how to recognize a scam message and that he should never click on a link within an email unless he’s certain it’s from the company that sent the message. As spammers can create realistic spoofs, it’s best to never click a link within an email and to instead go to the official website.

Gain Educational Benefits

Your dad can use a computer to learn something new. He can take a lesson in computer coding or learn a new language. Many colleges and universities offer free online courses. They’re recorded lectures and don’t lead to degrees, but it’s a good way to try out an online course and learn new things.

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