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Age Related Changes That May Make a Senior Fall

You know your parents are aging, and as each year passes, you worry more about them living independently. The progressive physical changes associated with aging result in an increased risk of falling for older persons. Seniors can fall for so many reasons, and you and their home care assistance aides must take the time to minimize the risk of them falling. Furthermore, the CDC reports that those aged 65+ have a higher chance of falling than others.

Hiring Home Care Assistance Services can be an Option

If you are not with your senior every day, it is time to consider hiring home care assistance providers to help your senior out. They may help go through a senior’s home and minimize any risks that could lead to falls. Home care assistance aides may also be there to get your senior parents’ help faster when a fall occurs. There is risk in living alone as a senior, but the freedom they experience living on their own can be worth it. Here are a few things to note that could lead to an increase in seniors falling down.

Seniors May Experience Decreased Strength and Flexibility

Muscle loss actually starts around age 30 if not adequately maintained. In older adults, less muscle means less strength and much weaker bones. This can increase lack of balance and an increase in your parents falling. You can help minimize this risk by encouraging them to have an exercise routine that will help maintain their strength and muscles.

One of the major things that happen to a senior is they become much less flexible than when they were younger. Having stiff joints and muscles can increase the risk of falls in a home. An excellent way to minimize this is by encouraging your seniors to practice daily stretching like yoga.

Seniors Lose Their Sense of Balance

There are so many things that can affect a senior’s sense of balance. It may naturally change as they age or happen because of the medications they are taking. It is important to note any signs of dizziness or when a senior becomes lightheaded.

A Seniors Eyesight Becomes Worse

Our vision enables us to maintain our balance and avoid dangers. As our eyesight deteriorates, our ability to stand upright and see clearly what is in our path starts to deteriorate as well. Home care assistance providers can help clear out clutter and keep a space clean for a senior. This is especially helpful when a senior can’t do this task on their own.

They Have Decreased Endurance or They No Longer Wish To Walk

Inability to sustain physical activity such as standing or walking for an extended period of time increases the risk of falling. This can happen to seniors who stop moving around or go through surgery and cannot work out the way they used to.

Walking improves balance and overall health. Some seniors may lose the desire to walk or stick with a routine as they get older. When they lose this focus and routine, it can negatively impact their entire lives, and you may notice they start falling more than usual. It’s time to encourage your senior parents to stay healthy and active.

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