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What If Your Mom Can’t Take Care Of Her Dog

As parents get older and start to have more health challenges some tricky situations can arise, like what to do when your mom can’t take care of her dog anymore. If your mom has had her dog for a long time giving up the dog or rehoming it could be very traumatic for your mom emotionally. But if your mom can’t physically take the dogs for walks, lift heavy bags of dog food, or do other chores like clean up after the dog what is the best thing to do for both the dog and your mom? Home care assistance providers can solve the problem without forcing your mom to give up her beloved companion.

The bond that people have with their pets is significant. And having pets has a lot of emotional benefits, especially for seniors that are living alone. The love and companionship of a pet can lower a senior’s risk of developing depression and anxiety. It can prevent loneliness and give seniors a sense of purpose.

Home care assistance can give your mom the extra help she needs to take care of her dog. Some of the things that a care provider can do to help your mom care for her dog are:

Shop For Supplies

Shopping for heavy bags of dog food and other dog supplies can be very difficult for seniors. A home care assistance provider can take your mom to the pet store, put bags of food, treats, and other supplies in a cart, get them to the car, and get them into the pantry at home. That way your mom doesn’t have to struggle to physically shop for the items that the dog needs. And if your mom isn’t able to walk around a store easily a care provider can do all of her shopping and errands.

Take The Dog For Walks

If your mom isn’t able to take the dog for walks easily anymore a home care assistance provider can walk the dog so that it gets a walk each day. Even if it’s just around the block the dog will benefit from the walk. If your mother is physically able to walk but isn’t strong enough to handle the dog the care provider can hold the leash. That way there’s no risk that the dog will pull your mom over or trip her.

Brush The Dog

Dogs need regular bathing, brushing, and grooming. A home care assistance provider can brush the dog regularly and check the dog’s coat to make sure it’s in good condition. If the dog needs professional grooming the care provider can take the dog to the groomer and pick it up.

Make Sure The Dog Gets To The Vet

Dogs need routine vet care, including vaccinations, heartworm medication, and flea and tick prevention medications. If your mom is no longer able to take the dog to the vet a home care assistance provider can make sure the dog gets to the vet when necessary. They can also pick up medications for the dog at the vet’s office.

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