Home Care Lindenhurst NY - Home Care for Your Dad and How to Get Started

Home Care for Your Dad and How to Get Started

Your dad’s goal has always been to age at home. But you worry about him being alone all day and night. When you don’t live nearby, there are still ways to ensure he has the help he needs. Talk to him about home care services.

For home care services to be a great success, you want to start with a care plan in mind. Think about the things your dad can do on his own and those he can’t. That’s only the first step. What else should you do to make sure that your dad gets the right services and caregivers?

Have a Clear Idea of the Services He Needs

Home Care Lindenhurst NY - How to Get Started with Home Care for Your Dad
Home Care Lindenhurst NY – Home Care for Your Dad and How to Get Started

Have a very clear idea of the care services that your dad needs. Don’t discount the care he may need in the future, too. If his health changes, he’ll need additional services.

If any of his care is temporary, the services will need to be adjusted. Ask the specialist about how to adjust services as needed.

Get a complete list of the things caregivers can help your dad do. He may not realize that he could have a caregiver helping him with closet organization. If that would help him, it’s worth discussing.

Ask Others For Input

If your dad has any friends with caregivers, ask them to talk to him about it. You might have friends or family members who can share their experiences. The more he talks about it with others, the more comfortable he’ll be with the process.

Let Him Be Part of Discussions with Home Care Providers

Let your dad be part of the discussions you have with the care specialists. Your dad needs to have the opportunity to ask questions. If he is too reserved to ask them, jot them down and ask for him.

When your dad asks you questions, take note of them and direct those questions to the home care advisor. If additional questions arise during the interview process, make sure he asks those, too.

One question to ask is if your dad is allowed to interview caregivers. If he is paired with a caregiver and there’s a personality conflict, what happens? He’ll have a better experience if he’s able to connect with his caregiver. This goes well when he has a caregiver with similar interests.

With home care, your dad lives independently. He’s also paired with someone to help him when help is needed. It’s a great way to support his goals of aging at home. Call our specialist in home care to learn more.

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