Home Care Garden City NY - Minimizing Sugar Intake as a Senior

Minimizing Sugar Intake as a Senior

Diet is so important for your elderly mom or dad to focus on but it is something that is not necessarily fun for them to focus on. They may need more help in the kitchen or they may have a massive sweet tooth that they indulge in every day. Unfortunately, the older they get the less likely their body will be able to process any extra sugar. And one of the worst things about sugar is that it can be addictive and your body tends to crave it the more you eat it. So, how can home care providers help your loved one minimize their sugar intake?

Here are a few ideas for home care to use.

Find Yummy Alternatives

There is no denying it, sometimes people just crave something sweet and a senior is no exception to the rule. Instead of allowing home care to give them something processed and filled with sugar, encourage home care to find healthier alternatives for your loved one. This means dried fruit, fresh fruit, sugar-free options, honey, rice cakes, and anything else that is fresher, more organic, and less processed. Keeping easy-to-eat snacks in the house that are better for your loved one can help them make better choices each day. When the house is filled with sweets it’s easier to eat those because they are more accessible. Natural sugars are a better choice for your loved one.

Understand Where Sugar Hides

It seems silly to think about sugar hiding, but it’s true. The way things are processed means sugar is used as a preservative and it hides in things you may not think about. It can hide in frozen dinners and many prepackaged foods. This is why it is so crucial to look at all ingredients. If you get boxed tea that’s in liquid form or juice or anything else you want to look through the ingredients to see how much added sugar is in something. This will help your seniors minimize their sugar intake in one of the easiest ways possible.

Avoid Pop

Whether or not your senior calls it pop, soda, or bubbly, any drinks filled with sugar should be avoided. Sometimes drink flavorings will also have sugar that needs to be avoided. There are better alternatives for your loved one to drink. They should opt for water, herbal tea, seltzer, or water flavoring with no sugar. There are ways to stay hydrated but drinking pop is not a good thing to drink every day and may not even help with hydration levels. They are often filled with sugar and sodium and your loved one’s body doesn’t need any of the extra chemicals. Soda is made to be addictive. Once in a while, it can be a joy to indulge in but not every day.

Focus on Activities

Sugar is addictive and when a senior knows they shouldn’t want it, it can be harder to avoid. It may be all they can focus on. Instead, having home care helps distract them from things. Encourage them to do hobbies, go for walks, or just sit down and talk with them. All of these things can provide distraction for your loved one and they may realize they don’t even want to eat!

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