Home-Delivered Meals Help Seniors Age at Home

According to a new study by Brown University, providing just one percent more seniors with at-home meals would help keep 1,722 more recipients of Medicaid out of nursing homes.

Also, most of the country would save money. The cost of providing seniors with at-home meals would be less than the cost of the cost of providing Medicaid in 26 of 48 states studied. Pennsylvania would see a $5.7 Million net savings according to the Health Affairs journal.

Not only does this enable states to save more money, but it could also make a lot of seniors happier. Aging at home can be much more comfortable than a nursing home, whether of not you’re on Medicaid.

Though some states, like California and Florida, with a large senior population would see a bit of an increase in overall budget.

Thomas explains; “We’re not proposing that all states simply increase the proportion of age 65 plus receiving meals by 1 percent,” she pointed out. “But if they were to target these vulnerable people who are at risk for nursing home placement they would likely see more savings. This is a program that has the potential to save states a lot of money if it’s done correctly.”

Policymakers are sure to be inspired by these findings.

Pat Ryan

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