Do Homecare Providers Offer Housekeeping Services?

When family caregivers are looking for a homecare provider for their elderly relative, they are often facing the challenges of in-home care for themselves and realizing that it is very challenging. Hiring a homecare provider is an excellent way for family caregivers to avoid burnout and get some time to themselves. However, sometimes there is some confusion about what services homecare providers generally provide. One of the most common questions that family caregivers ask is whether homecare providers offer housekeeping services.

Homecare Brookhaven NY - Do Homecare Providers Offer Housekeeping Services?

Homecare Brookhaven NY – Do Homecare Providers Offer Housekeeping Services?

Most Homecare Providers Do Light Housekeeping

In addition to numerous other services, homecare providers usually include “light housekeeping” in their list of services provided to seniors. Light housekeeping is generally considered to be the tasks that keep the living space orderly, clean and tidy. A clean environment is extremely important to elderly adults. Not only does it keep the dust, dirt and germs away, but it can reduce the risks of accidents such as falling, tripping or breaking things. Also, living in a clean space is good for the mind as it invites a sense of calmness and peace.

Light housekeeping can include tasks such as washing the dishes used for the most recent meal, wiping down the bathroom surfaces after use, watering plants, dusting, vacuuming, emptying the garbage, sweeping and clearing up clutter. In other words, the home care provider will focus on tidying up the spaces that the aging adult uses regularly. It’s important for family caregivers and seniors to remember that homecare providers are not housekeepers, however, and that their most important duties are taking care of the elderly adult’s immediate needs.

Other Daily Tasks Where Homecare Providers Help

It would be a mistake for family caregivers to expect the homecare provider to take on a more robust housekeeping role. For example, light housekeeping does not include things like cleaning out closets and drawers, doing all the laundry, moving furniture, washing windows, scrubbing floors, deep cleaning bathrooms or any outside chores. Their focus is to make a pleasant, clean and safe environment for the aging adult.

Other services that homecare providers give to aging adults as part of in-home care include changing linens, bathing, dressing, meal preparation, medication reminders, helping with eating, encouraging activity and exercise, and helping with mobility issues around the house. Companionship and entertainment are also an important part of in-home care as aging adults are often limited to what they can do socially.

There’s no doubt that homecare providers are a valuable addition to an aging adult’s support team and they provide respite for family caregivers to get some time on their own. When the expectations of daily duties are clearly spelled out, including housekeeping responsibilities, family caregivers can know what to expect and also know where the homecare provider’s priorities lie.

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