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How to Beat Anhedonia as a Senior

Anhedonia sounds like a complex problem but it just means you lose interest in doing some of your favorite things. When a senior is aging in place this can unfortunately happen for various reasons. They may lose interest because they have too much to focus on in the house and they don’t feel like they can take the time to do anything, they may not drive anymore, or they may feel like they have too much going on. If your senior needs help managing their home and lifestyle this is something that home care providers can help them with.

If your loved one is stressed, anxious, or they are struggling with a mental health disorder they may naturally stop doing the things that they love. Once these things are managed they may be motivated to start doing the things they love again.

Here is how a senior can start trying to beat anhedonia.

Focus on Calming Your Mind and Body First

One of the best things a senior can do is start practicing meditation. This is one of the best ways to limit stress and anxiety but also a good way to focus on how they are physically feeling. Your loved one may feel more motivated to do things they love when they feel grounded and centered. That is the whole purpose of meditation and grounding techniques. This is the time when they can reflect on their emotional health and overall well-being.

Journal About Your Feelings and Wants

Sometimes it can be hard for a senior to vocalize what they are feeling or what they want. If they are struggling to share things, it’s time to write it out in a journal. This is a chance to write whatever comes to their mind which may help them understand what it is that is blocking them from doing what they used to love. Your senior mom or dad may find the answers and even if they don’t they may feel a lot better after sharing their thoughts even if it’s just on paper.

Find Inspiration

Even as someone older you should be finding inspiration every day. When you are inspired you are more likely to live the type of life you want and participate in the habits that you see others do. Find inspiration through stories, friends, or events that have happened in the past. Anything can be an inspiration and it will vary from person to person, but this is the best way to get and stay motivated.

Set Goals With Home Care

When your senior loved one lives alone they will need to set goals. These goals will help motivate them to continue to do things but it will also give them a sense of accomplishment. Goals are important to stay motivated and it is something that home care can help your loved one with.

Create a Routine To Motivate You

Most people, whether or not they are seniors, thrive on a good routine. A senior should work with home care to create a routine that motivates them to get out and thrive while they age in place.

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