In-Home Care Bay Shore NY - Can Heat & Humidity Affect Your Senior’s Blood Pressure?

Can Heat & Humidity Affect Your Senior’s Blood Pressure?

Spring might seem a little early to start worrying about heat and humidity, but people with higher blood pressure are susceptible to changes in both humidity levels and heat. And spring’s unpredictability can mean that some days are cool, while other days are warmer than average. This can lead to a lot of variability in how your senior feels. Hire in-home care providers to help your senior can oversee what is affecting how they feel.

Her Heart Works Harder When it’s Hot Outside

When the temperatures and the humidity levels creep higher outside, there’s an impact on your senior’s blood pressure even when she’s inside. Part of what contributes to high blood pressure is that your senior’s heart is working harder to circulate her blood throughout her body. When the humidity is higher, her heart has to work even harder to keep the blood moving. That might mean higher than normal blood pressure readings, even with medication.

Your Senior Needs to Stay Aware of How She’s Feeling

It helps your elderly family member to stay aware of how she’s feeling. This can help her to recognize when she might need to take steps to cool herself down or do simple things indoors, like turn on fans or the air conditioner. If she’s feeling lethargic, nauseated, or has a rapid pulse, she may need to contact her doctor.

Drinking Plenty of Water Helps

All too often, aging adults don’t tend to drink enough water. When the temperatures get higher, it’s even more important to drink plenty of water. Your senior can help to reduce her blood pressure a small amount by hitting her water goals every day. If she’s not getting enough water, her blood can thicken and make it more difficult for her heart to do its job.

Staying Inside During the Hottest Part of the Day Also Helps

As the days get hotter, it’s even more crucial for your senior to stay inside when it’s hottest outside. That means turning on fans and air conditioning, too. Keeping curtains closed when the sun is shining directly into the windows can help quite a bit.

Hire In-Home Care Providers for Extra Help

This can all feel like a lot for your senior to manage on her own, especially if daily tasks are becoming more difficult for her. Having help from in-home care providers ensures that there’s someone there with her to remind her to sip water and to help her to stay cooler. There’s also someone there who can recognize when she might be overheated and needs medical attention.

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