Getting Prepared for Bringing in In-Home Care

Hiring an in-home care provider to take care of yourself or an aging parent, for example, is a great idea. You simply won’t find a better option that allows seniors to remain in the comfort of their home, even as they struggle with basic tasks of everyday life.

When you’re only doing this for the first time, there are a few things that can make a world of difference to make this process a bit smoother.

Below are a few tips or ideas that may just help you be as prepared as possible when it comes time for the aide to arrive the first time.

1. Determine if the senior would like you to be there on that first day.
In-Home Care Garden City NY - Getting Prepared for Brining in In-Home Care

In-Home Care Garden City NY – Getting Prepared for Bringing in In-Home Care

If this is for you, do you have family or a close, trusted friend or neighbor who could be at your house when the aide arrives the first time? This might just be a simple and great way to help the senior feel more comfortable and even confident when facing a life change such as this.

If this is for your elderly parent or someone else you care about, ask them if they would want you to be there on that first day.

2. Prepare medical documents.

While the in-home care aide may not have a need to access personal medical information about their client, they should know where to find it at the very least. In the event of an emergency, they can have that information handy for doctors, paramedics, or other medical professionals if necessary.

3. Organize emergency contact information.

Who would the aide contact in the event of an emergency? Next of kin, if there is someone, but what if they can’t get ahold of them? Who would be next on that list?

Make sure the in-home care provider has a list of people to reach out to in the event that something happens, whether it’s a medical emergency, weather related emergency, or some other situation that may require the senior to leave their home for some length of time.

4. Specific needs the senior has.

If the elderly senior can communicate his or her needs to the aide without a problem, then they’ll do that. However, if they have challenges (such as following a stroke, surgery, or other medical emergency), then family or close, trusted friends may be able to relay important information about the senior and his or her preferences and desires.

Follow these tips and that will help everyone have a good transition to relying on in-home care.

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