In-Home Care Garden City NY - Things to Know About In-Home Care

Things to Know About In-Home Care

In-home care services are an essential part of aging at home safely and confidently. Your mom wants to maintain her independence, but she can’t do it all on her own. You live hours away and can’t help her as much as she says she needs. For that reason, you’re looking into in-home care services. What should you know?

Services Include Meal Preparation

Your mom doesn’t cook meals. She has a hard time reading the fine print on a recipe, but she can’t just throw things together. You might find that she hates grocery shopping because she can’t read the price labels or nutrition facts.

Caregivers are available to help her prepare meals, plan menus, and shop for ingredients. She’ll eat well and not have to struggle to find meals that meet her nutritional needs.

Caregivers Can Run Errands

Your mom doesn’t drive, but she still needs to pick up items like prescription refills, packages, and groceries. Her caregivers can run errands for her.

Your mom no longer drives her car, but that doesn’t mean she has to stay at home. Her caregiver can take her shopping, bring her out to lunch, or take her to a local park for a walk in nature. If your mom has to see her dentist, her caregiver can drive her.

If your mom has a hard time remembering to schedule her appointments with her doctor, dentist, hairdresser, and therapists, hire caregivers to help her with scheduling. Her caregiver can help her manage reminders. Plus, your mom has a caregiver to get her ready and to her appointments on time.

Your Mom Has Help With Housework

Dusting, vacuuming, washing dishes, and putting clutter away are challenging for your mom. She tires easily, so chores are often half-completed and left for another day. Hire in-home care aides to keep up with light housekeeping chores.

Carrying around a full hamper of dirty laundry is something your mom can no longer handle. She struggles to remove her dirty sheets and replace them with new ones. With a home care aide helping with laundry, your mom has clean clothes, sheets, and towels each week.

Medication Reminders Are Possible

Does your mom forget when to take her prescription pills? Does she often fail to take her medications in the morning when she’s supposed to and then risk her safety by taking two pills at once? Hire caregivers for medication reminders.

She Has In-Home Care Aides to Help Ease Loneliness

One of the best reasons to hire caregivers is simply to ensure your mom doesn’t feel lonely. Caregivers become her best friends. She has aides to go for walks with, watch movies with, or join for outings to theaters, museums, and nature parks.

Pick up the phone or go online and fill out a request to get answers about in-home care. As you learn more about the prices, services, and schedules, you can book in-home care services for your mom. Support her and make the call today.

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