Is it time to find Senior Care for your Aging Parent?

Elder Care; It’s not always an easy decision, but sometimes it’s necessary. Here are some signs that it may be time to help out your aging loved ones.

Large amounts of Unopened Mail: It may be a sign that they have subscribed to too many mailing lists and newsletters, but often times it’s a sign that they have become unable to keep track of what’s new, what’s old, and what’s important. Keep an eye on this one. Consider In-Home care for a few hours a day, just to help keep the house in order and to keep the dust from piling up.

Poor Hygiene and Noticeable Smell:  This may be the cause of the strain it causes to get in and our of a bathtub. Consider having a walk-in shower built to make it easier. Or, daily in-home care.

Mood Changes and Notable Unhappiness: This can be due to confusion, or just since they don’t have anybody to talk to. Consider an in-home evaluation, or having a home visitor or companion caregiver come in a couple of times a week. Sometimes a listening ear can do wonders.

Poor Nutrition and Weakness: Making your own meal eventually becomes a difficult task. Help your aging loved one by providing Meals on Wheels, or having a Personal Care Aide come in to make dinner, chat, and keep them on track.

Do not wait until these are big problems, it is always better to make proactive decisions to protect your loved one rather than to wait until he or she is in trouble.

Ask them if they feel safe in their house alone, or if they want to go out and do activities. If you notice resistance, don’t hesitate to make a call. It’s hard to admit that you once striving and vibrant loved one is now a bit weak or ill. Dependence is not something to feel bad about, it’s part of life and can be treated with dignity and respect.