Personal Care at Home Amityville NY - Reasons Why You Shouldn't Overlook Personal Care at Home Services

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Personal Care at Home Services

Your mom has Alzheimer’s disease, and you want to eliminate things that distress her. At the same time, it’s clear there are things she’s unable to do without a caregiver. You’re doing the things her memory care team says. You’ve set up security cameras to track her movements. Her neighbors know about her condition and have your contact information. You’ve set her up with an ID bracelet and enrolled her in Safe Return. Those are all fantastic steps, but you also need to consider personal care at home services. With professional caregivers helping out, your mom is supported in many ways that you may not have thought about.

She Has Help With Bathing and Grooming

Fine motor skills are essential for control of the fingers, hands, and wrists. That’s one thing that Alzheimer’s takes away over time. Your mom will struggle to grasp items. And, hand-eye coordination will disappear in the middle to late stages of the disease.

Because of this, there are many issues that arise with personal care and grooming. Your mom won’t be able to brush or floss her teeth. She won’t be able to cut and file her fingernails or toenails. Brushing her hair is difficult.

Plus, she’s going to struggle to hold a bar of soap or washcloth to wash her body. She won’t be able to shave her armpits or apply deodorant. Shampooing her hair will also prove taxing.

The other issue that arises is remembering if she’s showered or not. She’s likely to argue that she needs to shower because she thinks she already has. Or, she does shower but can’t remember what she has washed and hasn’t.

When she uses the toilet, wiping properly is challenging. It’s not surprising to find older adults with Alzheimer’s disease experiencing frequent UTIs. Help with toileting and cleaning up after is a must.

Personal Care at Home Aides Assist Her With Dressing

You’d never think of putting on a heavy jacket and jeans in the middle of a heatwave. Your mom’s cognitive skills prevent her from knowing what season or month it is. She may try to wear a swimsuit in the middle of winter or winter clothing all summer long.

She needs help choosing the right clothing for the weather. Your mom may also need caregivers to help her button shirts and pants, pull on socks, and tie her shoes.

She’ll Never Struggle to Eat a Meal or Snack

Starting in the middle stages of Alzheimer’s, your mom may refuse to use a fork or spoon. It’s not that she doesn’t want to. It becomes impossible as fine motor skills diminish.

At first, finger foods will work well. Eventually, getting food to her mouth is impossible. At that point, personal care attendants can feed her.

Arrange personal care at home providers and help your mom with the services that help her stay at home. Even if she’s forgetful and has few motor skills left, she doesn’t have to move. Talk to our personal care at home specialist to learn more.

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