Personal Care at Home Huntington NY - Why Is Your Dad's Skin So Dry?

Why Is Your Dad’s Skin So Dry?

You’ve noticed your dad’s skin is incredibly dry and flaky. What is causing his skin to be so dry? The reality is that age alone can dry out the skin, but there are many other reasons it could be dry and flaky. Take a closer look at what leads to dry skin and how personal care at home services can help.

He Has Allergies or the Humidity Is Too Low

Skin allergies can lead to dry, itchy skin. The more he scratches it, the more he damages his skin. Ask his doctor for a referral to a dermatologist to rule out eczema.

He needs to be careful about the products he uses. He wants to avoid heavily scented soaps, body washes, and lotions. Ideally, soaps without parabens and sulfates are best. Aim for products with moisturizing agents like almond oil, olive oil, shea butter, or coconut oil.

Is your dad’s home too dry? It should be between 40% and 60%. If it’s drier than that, his skin will suffer. He could add humidity by opening his bathroom door while he showers or purchasing a dehumidifier.

He’s Taking Hot Baths and Showers or He’s Scrubbing Too Hard

When water is too hot, it may feel great on aching joints, but it’s also drying. Hot water removes the skin’s natural oils, which are already diminishing due to diminishing production by the oil glands. He needs to keep the temperature of his showers down.

When he takes a shower, he should keep it short. Ideally, he wants to shower for no more than ten minutes.

When your dad showers, he needs to use a soft cloth or his hand. A loofah may be his preferred option, but it scrapes the skin and causes damage. Your dad also needs to avoid soaps with abrasive exfoliators.

He’s Not Drinking Enough

Your dad needs to drink enough water. If he’s not, there’s no water replenishing the skin cells. The amount he needs to drink depends on his weight and activity levels.

The general guideline is three liters of water for men unless their doctor has advised otherwise due to health conditions like congestive heart failure or kidney disease.

When he chooses his drinks, have him avoid sugary beverages and alcohol. Ideally, he wants water, seltzer, or unsweetened tea. Coffee is okay, too.

Moisturize Regularly with Help From a Personal Care at Home Aide

After his shower, your dad should apply moisturizer right away. Ideally, he should apply the moisturizer while his skin is still wet. That traps water in the top layers of the skin.

Once the moisturizer is applied, your dad wants to air dry if possible. If he can’t tolerate that, he needs to pat dry and not rub his skin with his towel. If he rubs his skin, he’ll rub off some of the moisturizer.

Personal care at home is a helpful way in ensuring your dad’s skin is taken care of properly. Caregivers can help him dry off, apply lotion, and get dressed. Learn more about the cost of personal care at home by talking to an advisor.

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