Senior Care Took Melvin to Church

Melvin sang his heart out to the beloved hymns he had sung so many Sunday mornings since his childhood. The smile on his face warmed the heart of his wife, Wanda. She couldn’t believe the difference in her husband since senior care had come into their life to take them to church!

Senior Care Bellmore NY - Senior Care Took Melvin to Church

Senior Care Bellmore NY – Senior Care Took Melvin to Church

Melvin had always been a quiet man, but since his dementia had progressed he had all but completely withdrawn inside. Although he rarely spoke, Wanda could always tell how he was feeling by looking into his eyes and watching the way he moved. Sometimes he moved calmly and peacefully, but lately he had been restless, pacing, and fidgety. One glance into his deep brown eyes and Wanda could feel his distress.

As she reflected on what had been different lately, and what might be causing his distress, she realized he had seemed much less at ease since they’d stopped going to church.

Church had always been an important part of their life. However, between Wanda’s deteriorating vision and debilitating knee pain there was no way she could continue driving them there. It had just grown too difficult, so they stopped going. However, seeing Melvin’s unease made Wanda rethink her decision, and she prayed for guidance.

The next morning, Wanda was speaking with her friend Maya who was also facing mounting difficulties with aging. Maya had started using senior care services to help out around the house, and to assist with bathing safely. Maya couldn’t say enough about how wonderful her senior care aide was! “She makes an enormous difference in my life!” Maya exclaimed. “I wouldn’t be able to manage at home on my own without her!”

The conversation got Wanda thinking, and she started to wonder if senior care might be her answer to last night’s prayers. She decided to find out. She gave the senior care agency a call, and very easily set up transportation to church the next Sunday. The senior care aide would come to their home and help Melvin and Wanda get into the car. They would even be able to fold up Wanda’s wheelchair and toss it in the trunk. The aide could drive the car, and would handle pushing Wanda’s wheelchair at the church. Wanda felt encouraged and excited to see how it would go.

Sunday morning, the senior care aide arrived right on time. Everything went smoothly, and they arrived at the church with plenty of time to get settled and comfortable before the service. Wanda stole a glance at Melvin, and her heart practically melted to see the look of relief and deep contentment in his features. Wanda said a prayer of gratitude and enjoyed the service thoroughly.

Since then, Wanda and Melvin have happily continued to attend church services with the support of their lovely senior care aide. Not only has it made a difference to Melvin during the service, but Wanda could see a marked difference throughout the entire week as well. Attending the spiritual service regularly seemed to provide a place to anchor his faith in spite of the dementia. He smiled easily again. To Wanda, he seemed to be profoundly at peace in his heart.


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