Senior Home Care Bellmore NY - Benefits of Senior Home Care Services

Benefits of Senior Home Care Services

You’re hearing a lot about senior home care services on TV, the radio, in newspapers, and from people you know. Do you really understand the reasons to hire professional caregivers? It’s not just for older adults who can no longer take care of themselves.

Senior home care is available to adults who need a helping hand or emotional support. Here are the leading reasons to schedule services.

Your Dad’s Doctor Says He Shouldn’t Drive

Senior Home Care Bellmore NY - Benefits of Senior Home Care Services
Senior Home Care Bellmore NY – Benefits of Senior Home Care Services

As you age, your eyesight can change. In your dad’s case, his vision’s decreased to the point that even when corrected, he cannot keep his license. It’s time to look at other transportation options.

You can drive him around, but what do you do if you have a meeting or appointment that you can’t get out of? Instead of trying to reschedule things, you can hire caregivers to drive him to the store, a medical office, or the senior center for a social event.

It’s Time for Medication Reminders

Almost 90% of adults 65 or older take at least one prescription medication. More than half take four or more drugs. Many chronic health conditions require careful attention to dosing. If your dad forgets his morning pill, will it adversely impact his health?

With home care aides, he has a caregiver in his home to remind him what medication to take and at what time. If he’s running low, his caregiver can alert you to order a prescription refill or talk to the doctor or pharmacy for your dad.

He Needs Help With Housekeeping

Your dad has a hard time with housekeeping as he ages. Arrange housekeeping services and have caregivers vacuum, dust, do the laundry, and wipe down surfaces. You can extend into meal preparation services if he doesn’t cook.

His caregivers can also help him keep an inventory of foods and household supplies and build shopping lists. If he needs help shopping, that’s another option.

You Take Breaks When Needed When you have Senior Home Care Services

As the primary family caregiver, you’re with your dad all day and night. You always feel stressed and overloaded, but you can’t turn your back on him. That’s one of the best reasons to look into home care services. You need time to do things for yourself.

Senior home care assistance does help your dad, but it can also help you. It’s not selfish to request time away for self-care. Talk to our home care specialist to arrange respite care services. While you step away for a break, a caregiver helps your dad with everything that he needs to do.

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