Senior Home Care Lindenhurst NY - What You Can Do for a Family Member Developing Hearing Trouble

What You Can Do for a Family Member Developing Hearing Trouble

Hearing trouble is something that can sneak up on your elderly family member so gradually that she may not fully realize how much her hearing has changed. There are plenty of ways to make accommodations for your senior that are truly helpful, and that ensure she’s safe and able to have the quality of life that you want for her. Senior home care providers can make sure your elderly family member is getting her needs met, even when it’s difficult for her to communicate with other people.

Get Her Hearing Checked

Getting your senior’s hearing checked regularly can help her to understand what is happening with her hearing, especially if she’s not sure if there really are any changes. If your aging family member is doing things like turning up the volume on the TV or radio or she’s stopped engaging socially, it’s possible that she’s experiencing hearing loss. Knowing exactly what is happening with her hearing can help her to find the right tools to adjust.

Adopt Some Helpful Habits for Communication

People with hearing loss find it difficult at times to filter out one voice from others, so it’s helpful to remind people to speak one at a time so your senior can listen. It can also help to face your senior directly when you speak to her. Use visual cues if that’s helpful and avoid shouting because what that does is distort your voice, which makes it even more difficult for her to understand you.

Consider Adjustments in Her Home

There might be some adjustments to your senior’s home that can help her to deal with her hearing loss. Adjusting furniture to make it easier to see anyone who might be talking can be helpful. Also, adding things like visual alarm systems for the front door can help your senior to feel less anxious about knowing whether someone is at the door.

Ask Your Senior What Else Might Help Her

Talk to your elderly family member about what she’s experiencing. If she’s refusing to use hearing aids, ask her why. Understanding what she’s feeling and experiencing can help you to put solutions in place that are truly helpful for her. Try a variety of different options to see what she finds most helpful.

Consider Hiring Senior Home Care Providers

Hearing loss can leave your senior feeling alone. Bringing in senior home care can help her to have the assistance that she needs, right when she needs it. Senior home care providers understand what it’s like to help someone with hearing loss, so your elderly family member doesn’t have to feel misunderstood or as if she’s going to be a burden to someone while they’re helping her.

Make sure to revisit these situations with your senior over time, too. Whether her hearing continues to fade or stays the same, her needs can change and that needs to be addressed as it happens. Keeping up with what’s working for her and what isn’t helps you to make sure that she’s always got what she needs.

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