Aging at Home: Problems and Solutions

Most seniors would like to stay in their home as long as possible as the aging process happens. As time goes on, there are obstacles that may prevent them from doing so. Whether it is steps inside and outside the home or having trouble keeping food in the house, there are several solutions to make your home safer so you can stay where your heart is.

Home Advisor joined with the National Aging in Place Council to create a guide to making your home work for you.

Most common problems in your home:

Climbing steps can become challenging for anyone who is aging. Older adults often times move to one floor homes to eliminate this issue. However, you can use the following solutions to stay in place:

  1. replace outdoor steps with a ramp
  2. install an elevator stair lift
  3. convert a first floor room to the master bedroom


As we age, falls become one of the top concerns for older adults and their loved ones. According to the Center for Disease Control, more than 2.5 million people are treated for falls each year. One in five falls cause serious injury to bones (such as broken hips) or head injury. To prevent falls:

  1. we need to exercise to build strength in our lower body
  2. make sure we have proper eye wear
  3. have a pharmaceutical evaluation of drugs we take
  4. eliminate risks in the arrangement of our homes.


Accommodating In-Home Care
Setting up a guest bedroom for in-home care is a way to keep your house private and still welcome them into your home.


Medication Regimen
Many health issues of aging require medications. But as we face cognitive and mobility issues, it sometimes becomes difficult to maintain your medication regimen on a daily basis. We can forget what we have taken. To help with the sometimes increasing amounts of medications, it is helpful to your controlled pill dispensers to arrange your pills by day.

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