Five Positive Aspects of Being at Home More

One of the techniques that can help if you’re starting to feel a little bit of cabin fever due to sheltering in place in response to the coronavirus pandemic is to think about the positives of the situation. There are more benefits than you might realize to being at home much more.

You Have More Control Over Your Schedule
Caregiver Babylon NY - Five Positive Aspects of Being at Home More

Caregiver Babylon NY – Five Positive Aspects of Being at Home More

When you’re a caregiver, very often your schedule is dictated by what everyone around you needs. You’re usually so busy meeting other people’s needs and helping them to do what they want that you may feel as if your schedule just isn’t your own. Because you’re at home now, as is your senior, you’re able to focus on creating a schedule that works better for you.

It’s Easier to Connect with Other People

One problem that caregivers often run into is that they want to be more in touch with friends and family members, but it’s so difficult. Everyone is so busy and everyone has a different schedule. Also, when you’re busy yourself, you may not have the energy you need to really be there for the people you love. Now that more and more people are self-quarantining, schedules are a little looser and it’s easier to reach out.

You’re Able to Do Some of Those Tasks You’ve Been Putting Off

There are always those tasks that have to get done at home that are difficult to schedule in. Cleaning your closet or rearranging the pantry all take time and they require that you have the energy and the inclination to stick with those tasks. You might find that is easier for you right now.

Life Can Be a Little Bit Slower

As busy as it is being a caregiver, even with your senior right there with you, life may be slowing down quite a bit more right now. That’s a huge benefit for you. Instead of constantly feeling like you’re running to catch up, you may find that the pace of life is a lot more friendly now. You might even find you’re getting more sleep.

You’re Doing Your Part to Keep Other People Safe

It can’t be emphasized enough that when people stay home, they’re keeping other people safe from the coronavirus. So many people are asymptomatic either the entire time they have the virus or they are asymptomatic for up to two weeks before they start becoming sick themselves. That means that one person can infect an awful lot of other people and not even know it. Staying home helps to ensure that you’re not that person.

There are a lot of positives for you as a caregiver to being able to be at home right now with your senior. Take some time to enjoy those benefits for a little while.

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