What Can You Do Right Now to Take Better Care of Yourself?

As a caregiver you might find that you’re not taking the care of yourself that you should be. When that happens, you end up out of sync with everything that’s happening around you and caregiving is that much more difficult.

Caregiver Massapequa NY - What Can You Do Right Now to Take Better Care of Yourself?

Caregiver Massapequa NY – What Can You Do Right Now to Take Better Care of Yourself?

Phone a Friend

Very often caregivers are going through life feeling incredibly isolated and alone. If you can’t remember the last time you talked to someone you care about, it might be time to reach out to someone. You can call, text, or drop by and visit. The method you use doesn’t matter so much as the activity does. Reach out and see how you feel.

Think about What You’ve Eaten Today

The food that you eat is part of what keeps you going. So, with that in mind, what have you eaten in the last few hours? If the answer is that you forgot to eat or that you ate some things that gave you fast energy but then allowed you to crash, fix it. All you have to do is to grab something that offers you plenty of protein and vitamins.

Do Some Sort of Body Movement

Exercise is a bad word to some people, but it really shouldn’t be. It’s a good plan to do some sort of movement every day. If you’re feeling stressed or you’re just feeling out of it, get up and do some stretches or take a walk if you can. Factoring exercise into your day at some point can help you to keep things on an even keel.

Clear up Something That’s Cluttered

Clutter can be visually and mentally distracting, so if you’re finding that you’re overwhelmed or you’re scattered try cleaning something up a little bit. It could be as small as one little spot on the kitchen counter if that’s all you have time to do. You might be surprised what that little bit of clearing can do for your mentally.

Do a Self-scan

When things get rushed and busy, it’s easy to get out of touch with yourself. Start making it a habit to do a quick self-scan. This is when you take a minute, slow down, and really examine how you’re feeling and what you need. It doesn’t have to take a long time or be complicated at all. When you realize you need something, resolve that need.

Caregivers often feel selfish when they focus on themselves, but if you’re not focusing on yourself enough you won’t be able to be there for the people you’re caring for on a daily basis. It’s absolutely essential that you practice self-care.

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