Nutrition as the Aging Process Continues: What Do You Need to Know?

During the aging process, everyone should make sure they are getting proper nutrition. With all the nutrition resources out there, it can be tough to know exactly what someone should be eating. However, if you are caring for an elderly loved one, the best thing to follow is the Food Pyramid. With these guidelines, you can see what your elderly loved one needs to get based on their age.

Elder Care Bellmore NY - Nutrition as the Aging Process Continues: What Do You Need to Know?

Elder Care Bellmore NY – Nutrition as the Aging Process Continues: What Do You Need to Know?

During the 40’s

If your elderly loved one is in their 40’s, they can probably still manage their own meals and nutrition. However, it won’t hurt to recommend ideas to them, so they can stay as healthy as possible. You can offer to help cook some of their meals. If they are eating too much junk food, you can recommend healthy, tasty snacks. People in this age group should also eat more lean protein, vegetables, and fruits. If your elderly loved one can do all these things, they can prevent many diseases and improve or at least maintain their health.

During the 50’s

If your elderly loved one is in their 50’s, it might be the time that they need more help. Maybe they are now eating less healthy meals than they used to. Many adults in their 50’s will still eat large meals, not realizing how it is being affected by their slowed metabolism. In your loved ones 50’s, you can recommend they eating little portions for 5 to 6 meals a day, instead of 3 large meals a day. It can also help them to exercise regularly, since their metabolism is much slower than it was in their 40’s.

During the 60’s

As your elderly loved one sneaks in their 60’s and moves through that decade of their life, they may start taking more medications. If this is the case, you or their elder care provider may want to talk to their doctor about interactions with those medications. Sometimes there are food interactions that may make it tough to plan out meals. However, if you know about these interactions, you can help your elderly loved one to keep eating healthy.

During the 70’s and Older

People who are 70 and older really need to pay attention to their nutrition. As someone gets older, they may not have as much of an appetite. Due to this, they may stop eating as much. It is important that you make sure your elderly loved one keeps eating regular meals and healthy snacks. They should also still be exercising according to the guidelines their doctor gives. If you can make sure your elderly loved one is eating healthier, exercising, and staying active (if possible), you can help them to prevent diseases and possibly boost longevity.

There are many nutrition resources out there and the Food Pyramid is one of them. Use this as a guideline to help your elderly loved one, no matter their age, to stay healthy.


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