Signs and Symptoms of Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is a medical emergency that requires prompt and effective treatment. Without proper treatment this condition can lead to very serious complications and consequences, including damage to the kidneys, heart, muscles, and brain, and even death. Elderly adults are at increased risk of suffering from heat-related injuries and illnesses, and this is only furthered by health issues such as obesity, high blood pressure, circulation problems, and heart disease. As a family caregiver it is important that you are able to help your senior stay cool to avoid this condition, and address it effectively and safely if it does occur. This starts with being able to recognize the signs and symptoms of heat stroke.


Some of the signs and symptoms of heat stroke include:

  • High body temperature. If your senior’s body temperature reaches 104 degrees or higher, they may be at risk of heat stroke or already be suffering from heat stroke.


  • Symptoms of behavioral changes or mental state changes. Heat stroke can affect the brain and lead to altered behavior or problems to the mental state. This can include coma, confusion, agitation, irritability, delirium, or even seizures.


  • Changes in sweating. Heat stroke can be caused by different factors that can change the way that your parent sweats. If they are suffering heat stroke as a result of prolonged exposure to high natural temperatures, you may notice that their skin feels hot and dry. If they are suffering heat stroke as a result of over-exertion, however, they might feel clammy and damp.


  • Nausea. Your senior may complain of feeling sick to their stomach or may even vomit. This is an indicator of very serious overheating.


  • Increased heart rate. When your parent’s body is exposed to high temperatures, the stress puts a demand on their heart to help cool it. This can cause their heartrate to become very rapid.


If you have been looking for ways for your senior to achieve and maintain a higher quality of life, better health, and a more fulfilling lifestyle as they age in place, starting elderly care for them may be the ideal solution. An elderly home care services provider can be with your senior on a schedule that is right for their individual needs and challenges, as well as the care efforts that you are able to give them. This care provider can give your senior a highly personalized set of services designed to address not just their needs, challenges, and limitations, but also to help them to pursue a lifestyle that is active, engaged, and independent as possible. This can include such valuable services as providing safe and reliable transportation to where they need and want to go, helping them to make good decisions about their hydration and diet, and keeping them active. When it comes to helping them stay healthy in the heat, this care provider can monitor your parent’s condition, help them to stay cool, and alert you to any concerns that they might have so that you can make the care and treatment decisions that are right for them.


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