Have You Fallen for One of These Myths About Elder Care Services?

How much thought have you put into your mom’s need for elder care services now or in the future? Most people don’t plan in advance. Many don’t for the simple reason that they’ve read one of these myths and believe it to be true. Have you fallen for any of these elder care myths?

Elder Care in Huntington NY: Myths About Elder Care

Elder Care in Huntington NY: Myths About Elder Care

You Shouldn’t Bother Planning Elder Care Until It’s Needed.

Your mom is fine. She’s still very active and independent, so there’s no need to talk about elder care yet. You’ve heard there’s no point in planning elder care services until she actually needs them.

That’s wrong. With the number of baby boomers reaching an age where caregivers may become necessary, experts believe there may be a shortage. If you wait until the last minute to arrange home care services, you may find yourself on a waitlist in some towns and cities.

It’s Not Possible to Remain in Your Home For the Rest of Your Life.

People believe that senior citizens cannot possibly stay in their home for the rest of their lives. At some point, they’ll have to move to a smaller apartment designed for senior living. That’s not always the case.

Your mom may find herself needing to move a bedroom to the main floor or put in additional safety features, but she may be able to stay in her home for the rest of her life. Elder care services make this possible.

Long-Term Care Insurance Will Cover the Full Expense of Home Care.

Your mom was smart and purchased long-term care insurance. You figure she’s all set. Her care will be covered. It’s not that simple.

According to the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance, the average benefit for a policy purchased in 2012 offers a daily benefit of $150 per day for a period of three years. If she needs care for more than three years, she’s out of coverage. Plus, Genworth found the average hourly rate for home care in 2018 was $22 an hour. Using that average rate, the $150 per-day benefit would only cover 6.8 hours a day.

Medicare Will Pay for Long-Term Care.

Do you expect your mom’s health insurance to cover the cost of caregivers? That’s not the case. If she hurts herself in a fall, Medicare may pay for some of her rehabilitation services, but she will not get this care on a long-term basis. She may not get coverage at all. It’s likely any care she needs will be paid for out of her own pocket. You need time to figure out the financial aspect of the care she needs.

Very Few Seniors Ever Need Care.

This is a common myth. The reality is quite different. In a Forbes report, it’s said that about 7 out of 10 seniors eventually need elder care services. If you haven’t discussed caregivers thinking your mom would never need the care, you need to gather the family and call an elder care agency.

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