Four Misconceptions Families Have About Caregiving

Home care services are there to help seniors age at home. Despite this, there are four misconceptions many families have about hiring caregivers. Take a closer look at these four home care misconceptions.

Home Care in Brookhaven NY: Misconceptions About Caregiving

Home Care in Brookhaven NY: Misconceptions About Caregiving

You Have No Control Over Who Comes to Your Parent’s Home.

Some people think that when you hire a caregiver, you won’t have any control over who comes to the home unless you hire a private caregiver. Talk to an agency to see how the process works. In some cases, the agency will work with you to pair a caregiver that has similar interests.

More importantly, when you hire a caregiver through an agency, you get a caregiver who has gone through drug screenings and background checks. That is not always the case with a private caregiver.

Caregivers Are There to Do Whatever the Family Wants.

There is a misconception that a caregiver is there to do what anyone in the home wants. A caregiver is there to help the elderly client. A caregiver is not there to cook meals for grandchildren. They’re not there to babysit grandchildren who are dropped off to spend a day with their grandmother or grandfather.

If you live with your mom or dad, the caregiver is not there to make your bed, clean up after you, and have your meals ready before you go to work. Make sure any services you request are only for your parent.

Home Care Services Are Only for Emergencies.

Home care is not just for emergency situations. Some seniors are very active in their community and still benefit from home care services. Your mom no longer drives due to poor vision, but she’s still active beyond that. She can have a caregiver who is there only to drive her to medical appointments, senior centers, stores, and friends’ houses.

Only a Family Member Can Provide Quality Senior Care.

Those who feel no one is better at care than a family member are mistaken. You may become easily frustrated with your mom and dad and make them feel bad. Your parents may not appreciate having an adult child providing their care. Caregivers aren’t family members, but many form close relationships with their clients.

Caregivers help your mom or dad stay independent. With a home care professional, your parent stays at home. There’s no need to move to an assisted living facility. Your parent gets help with challenges and has freedom at home.

If you or an aging family member are considering professional home care in Brookhaven, NY, please call the caring staff at A Gentle Touch Senior Home and Health Care at 631-647-7622 today.

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