Ideas for Getting Out Into the Great Outdoors with Your Elderly Parent

June is Great Outdoors Month. This the perfect opportunity for you to make treasured memories and enjoy quality time with your senior away from your usual care environment. This provides mental and physical stimulation for your aging parent, strengthens your relationship, and can help you to pursue care goals. You don’t have to go on a long hike, climb a mountain, or brave white water rapids to go on a great outdoor adventure with your senior. There are many other opportunities to get out in nature, enjoy the fresh air and warm temperatures, and have quality time together that are more accessible, safe, and practical for an elderly adult.

Caregiver in Islip NY: Exploring the Great Outdoors

Caregiver in Islip NY: Exploring the Great Outdoors

Let these ideas inspire you for ways you can get out into the great outdoors with your senior this Great Outdoors Month:

  • Take a walk around the neighborhood. Even though these surroundings may seem familiar, take the time to really look and notice details. If you take walks regularly already, switch up the route you take to make the experience feel fresh and new.
  • Visit a local park and go on a walk through the trails. Most often these trails are clearly marked with how long they are, and often go in a circle. This makes it easy to begin and end in the same location, and to gauge which path might be most appropriate for your parents.
  • Visit a local garden to take in the beauty of the flowers, trees, and other plants. Look for plants you particularly enjoy, and start planning ahead for a beautiful garden with your senior next year.
  • Research your local area to find hidden gems focused on the outdoors. Even locals often miss special locations that can bring you right into contact with the great outdoors. This type of location can include small parks, nature preserves, living museums, forests, and more.
  • Review water safety with your parents and then visit a river or lake where swimming is allowed. This can be a completely different experience than swimming in a pool.
  • For an adventurous and physically capable senior, consider finding gentle hiking trails and setting out for exploration.


If you are planning an adventure into the great outdoors with your aging parent this summer, consider bringing along a home care provider. Having a care provider available can offer greater peace of mind and confidence for your aging parents, and for you. This care provider can supplement the care you give to your parents, offer valuable mobility support, medication reminders, and encouragement to make good choices, all while allowing you to step back from this direct care and focus on other elements of the activity, such as caring for your children or just enjoying yourself.

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