Seven Tips to Save Mom Money at the Grocery Store

If your mom is like many seniors, she lives on a fixed income and needs to watch her budget. Sometimes stretching the money far enough to cover all the bills can be a little tough. If your mom is looking for ways to trim her budget and save some money, one of the places she can look to is her grocery bill. Now, lowering the grocery bill doesn’t mean your mom has to sacrifice healthy eating habits. On the contrary, there are many ways she can cut the fat (pardon the pun!) from her grocery bill without having to choose cheaper processed foods that are often unhealthy. We’ve compiled a list of seven tips your mom can use to reduce her grocery bill.

#1 Make a List

Planning meals for the week and then making a shopping list according to the menu can be a real money saver. When people go to the store without a set list, they are more likely to toss random items in the cart. Sometimes that results in a second trip to the store where even more money is spent because you’re missing ingredients to make a full meal.

#2 Stick to the Season

Produce that is in season will be cheaper than out of season produce that has to be shipped in. Plan meals around fruits and vegetables that are currently in season. Regardless of how cheap the produce is, avoid buying more than you can use since throwing away food is like throwing away money.

#3 Purchase Cheese in the Dairy Aisle

Most grocery stores sell the same cheese in the dairy aisle that they sell in the deli case. However, the cheese in the deli case is usually more expensive because the cheese in the dairy aisle is more plainly packaged.

#4 Look High and Low

Grocery stores stock the most expensive brands at eye level where they are more likely to be chosen. Look on the higher and lower shelves for other brands that are priced cheaper.

#5 Go to the Farmer’s Market

During the summer, hit the local farmer’s market to buy produce, which may be fresher and is usually priced lower than what you can find in the grocery store.

#6 Use Coupons

Using coupons can save a great deal of money, but only if you stick to coupons for items you’ll actually use. Don’t purchase things just because there’s a coupon. Instead, make the menu and shopping list, then look for coupons that match the items on the list.

#7 Plan According to Sales

Use the weekly sales flyer to plan the menu around items that are on sale. Instead of purchasing pricey beef when chicken is on sale, have the chicken this week and wait to have the beef until it goes on sale.

If your parent has trouble grocery shopping on their own because of physical or cognitive limitations, hiring an elderly care provider through an agency can help. An elderly care provider can drive your parent to the store and help them select items. Elderly care providers can also cook healthy meals for your parent and assist them with the clean up afterward.

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