Should Seniors Get the Flu Vaccine?

With flu season upon us, the feds are reminding everyone to get their flu shot as quickly as possible. Senior citizens constitute a high- risk category for flu, and should get their shots without delay. Federal officials are also encouraging seniors to get a new pneumonia vaccine along with their flu shot.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that the best protection against flu is a flu vaccination. The federal administration’s plea for seniors to get their flu shots comes amid the release of new data which shows that a majority of middle-aged American adults continue to skip their vaccinations. Last year, vaccination rates in the below 5 age category, as well as the senior category were higher than in other age groups, but still distressingly low. Seniors had a vaccination rate of 65%.  The CDC says that those statistics are not satisfactory, and that seniors must get themselves vaccinated as quickly as possible.

Children are already being given vaccinations to prevent pneumococcus-linked infections like pneumonia, meningitis and a number of other infections. Seniors are now being recommended to get a one-time dose of this vaccination as well.

In order to gain maximum protection from these shots, do not wait until flu season begins. Take steps immediately to protect yourself from the flu. The shot requires a window of two weeks for vaccination protection to begin to set in, which means that you need to get those shots right now.

Seniors need these shots more than others. Seniors have weakened immune systems which place them at a higher risk of contracting flu. Senior citizens above the age of 55 constitute 90% of all flu-related fatalities and approximately 50% of all flu-related hospitalizations.

Apart from getting a shot, there are other steps that a senior can take to stay safe this flu season. Wash hands regularly with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Avoid frequent contact with the eyes, mouth or nose, and avoid close contact with persons who are suffering from the flu.

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