Study: Malnutrition Is Surprisingly High among Seniors

There is no denying that a good diet is key to optimum physical and mental health and overall well-being. However, far too many seniors are malnourished, and suffer from poor physical health. According to a recent study, many seniors, especially those living in assisted living facilities, suffer from malnutrition.

The study was based on an analysis of ER patients above the age of 65, and found that 16% reported malnutrition. Another 60% were other malnourished or at risk for malnutrition. Out of the seniors who suffered from malnutrition, more than 75% were surprised to find that they were malnourished, and said that they had not received a malnutrition diagnosis earlier.

Some seniors seemed to be at a much higher risk of malnutrition than others. These included people who lived in assisted living facilities, with 50% of the seniors who lived in such facilities reporting malnutrition. Other high -risk categories for malnutrition included seniors suffering from depression, eating or swallowing problems, or those who faced difficulty buying groceries.

The researchers say that they were very surprised to see these high levels of malnutrition among senior citizens, and even more surprised to learn that many of the seniors had no idea that they were malnourished.
Often, malnutrition is simply the result of failure to cook healthy nutritious meals at home, because of several reasons. As many as 33% of the seniors in the study also reported that they had difficulty buying groceries, which was partly the reason for their malnutrition. A senior home care companion could easily have helped many of these seniors deal with these challenges.

A home care companion can come to your home to cook you nutritious and healthy meals, and assist you in buying groceries. Many of our clients have learned that a home care companion for a senior citizen is an effective route to senior well-being and overall health.

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