Therapy Dogs for Stressed Seniors

Therapy dogs are trained dogs that are provided to bring affection and comfort to people in hospitals, mental institutions, schools, disaster areas, and lonely homes.

Using therapy dog is a practice attributed to Elaine Smith, an American who worked as a registered nurse in England. Smith noticed how well patients responded to visits by a man and his canine companion, a golden retriever.

When Smith returned to the United States in 1976, she started a program for training dogs to visit institutions.

Since then animal usage in therapy has greatly increased. Comfort animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits and birds, bring the therapeutic effect of companionship. They are known to help with relieving stress, raising spirits and even lowering blood pressure. The demand for therapy dogs continues to grow today.

They can snuggle with you, play games with you, and even roll around and get physical, depending upon the age and breed of the dog. Therapy dogs can provide all sorts of comfort.

These therapy dogs are different from service dogs, who are provided to help with certain disabilities like visual or auditory impairment.

We can provide a therapy dog for home visits on Long Island, NY, at your request. Feel free to contact us about it.

Pat Ryan

Patrick is a Senior home health care consultant and principal at A Gentle Touch Senior Home & Health Care Inc.. Patrick has been in service to the long Island business community since 1985. Through a strong network of elder care and elder-care-related professionals Patrick uses a “Best of Breed“ approach to his senior care services. He takes great pride in providing a single source solution for all of your senior care needs.

At a time when life comes at you hard and fast we take great care to guide you well and provide a total home care solution.