What Activities Can You Encourage Other Family Members to Engage in with Your Elderly Loved One?

Family Caregivers, Share the Load!

Some of your loved-one’s other family members might need a little bit of encouragement in order to spend more time with your loved one. The problem may not be that they’re not interested, but instead that they’re not sure what they can or should do with your loved one.

Family Caregivers in Bay Shore NY- Involve Others in Day-to-Day Activities.

Family Caregivers in Bay Shore NY- Involve Others in Day-to-Day Activities.

Just Spending Time Together

It can seem overly simplistic, but your loved-one’s other family members don’t necessarily have to do anything when they’re spending time with your loved one. Simply spending time together can be one of the best gifts that they can give your loved one. Even quietly talking or simply being in the same room with each other can be enough.

Doing Chores Together

Depending on your elderly loved-one’s health, she may enjoy having some extra help with chores around the house. Laundry can be daunting, even for one person. Or there might be other chores that need extra help in order to get them accomplished, such as changing light bulbs or tackling outside tasks, like clearing gutters and downspouts. Your loved one might not even be handling the task, but she can still provide company while someone else is handling the heavy lifting.

Running Errands Together

Your loved one probably has quite a few errands that need to be run and while you probably handle many of those as her family caregiver, other family members might be able to help, too. Some might enjoy going grocery shopping with your loved one or assorted other errands. This can be a great way for you to take some time for yourself, too, since your loved one is otherwise occupied.

Cooking or Baking Together

If your loved-one’s other family members enjoy cooking or baking, then filling up your loved one’s pantry, fridge, and freezer is a fantastic way for them to spend time together and accomplish a goal, too. You’ll feel better knowing that your loved one has plenty of healthy food on hand and your loved one might even share some of her favorite family recipes with her other family members. It’s a win win situation all the way around.

As your loved one’s other family members become more involved with your loved one, they’re likely to come up with their own ideas, too.

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